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Making the mainstream accessible

It was so exciting to hear about a Disability Equality Training (DET) event happening at the Tate, and when I heard it was being run by the brilliant Director of Tourette’s Hero, Jess Thom, I

Day 1: ANDInclusive @ Tate Exchange

For 4 days, A New Direction are taking over the Tate Exchange with their Special Schools network. The network will be leading on a variety of visual arts, music, soundscape and drama activities with their

Shedding Light on ‘Ways of Seeing Art’

Product Designer and Shape Volunteer Jessica Ryan-Ndegwa sheds some light on 'Ways of Seeing Art', our four-day Tate Exchange programme. Tate Exchange is a space for everyone to collaborate, test ideas and discover new perspectives

NME #LifeHacks

A New Direction is a company, which helps London learn, think and create. They work to ensure that all children and young people get the most out of London’s extraordinary creative and cultural offer. They

I set about re-designing a can opener

"I set about re-designing a can opener to suit different people's physical needs. I was looking into people who suffer from arthritis that find it difficult to open cans. This lead me on to develop