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About Jessica Ryan-Ndegwa

Product Designer

12184099_10156189817150704_7522074899882033806_o-2Having studied a product and furniture design degree at Kingston University I have always taken an interest in helping people. Born with a physical disability has made me look out at the world with a positive attitude rather than seeing it as something negative.

As a designer I believe that every individual is different and I believe good design helps people do things they might otherwise not be able to do. I see myself as an empathetic energetic peoples’ designer with the focus on working for people with impairments and disabilities at the core of my practice in a collaborative field.

Designing products suited with a topic that’s close to my heart, and kick-starting a live website which allows people/users to be included in inclusive design, has allowed me to develop an insight into how other people with varying abilities live with struggles they might face on a day-to-day basis, being able to help others through struggles that I have similarly faced brings a smile to my face because I can see how my work is benefiting others as well as highlighting a feeling of positivity all round.

I hope to develop more products that can be used by as many people as possible, whatever abilities they may have and to expand a range of products that can be used by all, and make it a FUN experience too. I do it for the enjoyment of learning and hope to develop my skills with further experience. I would see the whole experience as designing products that suit people’s personalities.